Content Marketing is Nothing More Than Idea Generation

Photo of an illustration for Valuable Original Content

The curious thing about content marketing is: apparently I’ve been doing it for years and didn’t even know it. Whenever I’ve had to fill out an application form for a new job and the blank field “Strengths” presents itself, I’ve always filled it up with:

  • Idea generation and
  • Clear, concise communication skills

Because ideas are fuel. They explode if they aren’t handled well. Or they can propel a project down the highway when properly injected into a content product that answers a customer’s needs. And coming up with ideas for content that persuades a consumer towards action? My bread and butter.

So, what I do for a living now has its own buzzword. And I kinda/sorta like it, the more I read up on it. In fact, it was quite satisfying to go through Barrett and Pulizzi’s Get Content, Get Customers and realize I’ve tried a great deal of those content strategies before. (That book would’ve been perfect for me if it were written back in 1998!)  And a copy of Kristina Halvorson’s Content Strategy for the Web lies on my desk, ready to be mined for inspiration.

While it’s not very comforting to realize that thousands of keyword-crazy SEO freelancers and anonymous spammers from Ethiopia are utilizing the “content marketing” tag for their own efforts, it’s good to know you aren’t operating in a vacuum. It’s nice to know that ideas are cool. It’s nice to have a twitter hashtag.

It’s also nice that I don’t have to come up with names for department store raffle promos anymore, like I did when I first started in 1994. Anyone remember “Pick-A-Prize Surprise?” No? I’m glad.

IMAGE CREDITS: “Valuable Original Content.” Photo by 10ch on Flickr.


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