5 Reasons Why a Job Search is Like a Product Launch

Y U No Hire Me? - illustration

I’m back searching for a fulltime job after an ever-too brief consulting stint at an online startup. It occurs to me that the process of the job search can be laid out in the same way as you might prepare for a product launch — except with no concrete end date immediately in sight. The action items are quite similar. See below:

  1. You prepare all your marketing materials: your online portfolio, your resume, your LinkedIn profile.
  2. You prepare your plan on a spreadsheet: in this case, a job search log on GoogleDocs, because you will need to be organized.
  3. You announce the product to be launched with a press release: in this case, you tell your networks (both face to face and online) that you are searching for employment.
  4. You continue to promote your brand/organization as a thought leader: in this case, you update your social media presence, online portfolio, or industry-focused blog to show you’re on top of what’s happening in your space.
  5. Finally, you find customers for your new product via marketing channels: or in your case, you begin to proactively apply to job openings and organizations that not only interest you, but which will help advance your career goals.

Ultimately you ARE the product being launched and you must lead people to find you and seek out your unique selling points. And if you do it right, you land the new job.

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