The 5 C’s of Defining Your Blog’s Niche

Third Niche by Mathias Klang

In Monday’s blog post, I talked about one simple way to build your blog: to define your niche, whether you’re a personal blogger or a small business trying to market its services to the world.

Well, Problogger has three gorgeously simple approaches to defining your niche, and I reword them here so they all start with the letter “C” and at the end I’ve added two more tips of my own:

Problogger’s 3 Ways to Define Your Niche

1. You can pick a CONCERN — a topic or subject matter where you’re an expert, something you’re passionate about and which is important to you. It will, after all, inform all your posts.

Tip: To help you along, list down a bunch of tags you feel you’d want to blog about (e.g. photography, design, comics, recipes, meal prep tips), list down larger umbrella categories that these tags fall under (e.g. art, food), and voila, you have a framework built around the topics that you’re interested in.

2. You can pick a CROWD — a specific audience or demographic/psychographic to write for.

Tip: To help flesh out who your crowd is, answer questions like: Who are they? Where do they shop? What do they do in their free time? What do they value? What motivates them to work?

3. You can pick a CONVICTION — a cause or ideal to champion, a struggle to rally people around. Whether that’s informing the world about global warming or fighting for gender equality.Jeff Goins wrote a post about how to build an audience around belief and suggested you pick a fight with a commonly-held view that you disagree with, then connect with people who believe the same thing. Insta-niche!

WriterLionel’s 2 Extra Niche-Defining Tips

But I’d like to suggest two more possibilities for defining your niche — suggestions which Problogger did not touch upon:

4. You can choose to CONTRAST your blog from other similar blogs — to craft a personality or a voice or a choice of topics that differentiates your stuff from the competition. This would mean first lumping yourself in with your peers then figuring out what will make your blog stand out from the crowd.

Tip: write down the characteristics that make your blog different and post it in your sidebar or on the About page. This serves to remind both you and your readers why your blog is different.

5. Finally, you can simply CATER to a need that no other blog caters to. This is the most concrete example of finding a niche and claiming it. If you do find a specific need and people searching for solutions to that need, you have an instant audience.

Tip: do the keyword research to discover if there are opportunities to build an audience from a specific search phrase.

If you’re reticent to limit yourself to only one concern/topic, then you can opt for all these other options which will give you a wider array of topics to blog about, while still focusing your efforts toward defining a unique voice.

Are you struggling to define what your blog is about? Or did you have problems with topic or direction in the past? Tell me about it in the comments.

IMAGE CREDITS: Third Niche by Mathias Klang on Flickr.  Some rights reserved


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