How to Keep Your Blog from Crashing and Burning

crashed airplane

We’ve all gone through it: that sinking feeling just before the blog you once loved with a passion loses altitude and crashes headfirst into the ground, devoid of all momentum, inspiration, and velocity. It’s that moment when you realize you don’t have the energy, the ideas or even the motivation to continue the blog. Which only means it’s about to sputter and crash to its inevitable death. But there are two ways to keep this from happening.

Here’s an interesting (if old) statistic. According to a 2008 Technorati survey, only 7.4 million out of 133 million blogs that the company tracked had been updated in a 120-day time span. That amounts to 95% of all those blogs being all but abandoned by its owners.

How can your blog keep from joining that fatal 95%? The following are my suggestions for keeping the fire, and the momentum going for your blog.

Keep the Publishing Engine Running

Like any relationship, your blog could be dying because you’re not giving it the attention it deserves. Try simply posting more often and see if that doesn’t rekindle the blogging passion that led you to start the blog in the first place.

When you’re in a solid groove of writing and publishing blog posts, it’s harder to quit than if you’re blogging sporadically — i.e. whenever you have a free moment. You’ll find you have less and less time to dedicate to it if you don’t block out time for the writing.

In 5 Steps to Creating a Well-Written Blog, I talked a bit about using an editorial calendar. The edcal is integral to keeping a steady flow of content on your blog. The other ingredient is maintaining an overflowing bank of ideas for blog topics so you always have something to write about. Remember to jot down your ideas as they come!

Explore Uncharted Territory

But another reason your blog could be on the way down is that you feel limited — or burned out — by the subject matter you originally picked. If that’s the problem, instead of abandoning your blog for a new one, why not expand your topics to cover related subjects that may interest you or your readers?

Say for example you’re blogging about mobile apps and getting bored with your own content. Why not expand to include related topics such as: mobile handsets, mobile accessories, and even mobile industry news?

Try some new topics on for size. Explain to your faithful readers why you feel the need to shift gears. Ask for their suggestions as well. Sometimes a change of scenery is enough to get your blog going once again.

The point is: have a system that keeps you going even if you feel uninspired, and experiment with new topics when you get bored.

Do you have any suggestions on keeping the blog’s fire burning? I’d love to read your tips in the comments.

IMAGE CREDITS: Photo by Jeff Sheldon at Unsplash


2 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Blog from Crashing and Burning

  1. Great post! Thanks. I recently went through such a time. Hoping to make a re-entrance. This post was awesome! Thanks again


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