Using Flipboard as a Content Curation Tool

Flipboard on a mobile phone

Let me start by saying I love Flipboard. There’s much to enjoy about it.

It’s a mobile app and web-based news curation platform that allows you to consume large streams of information really quickly. Even more, it gives you the ability to create your own magazines, if you so wish.

Content that you “flip” from across the web is automatically collated and displayed in magazine format that can be read in any browser or via mobile. And true to its name, part of the fun is flipping through the pages like a physical magazine. But before you jump onboard the curation train, you’ll need to strategize and consider several different ways you can organize content with Flipboard.

Strategies for Curating Content to Flipboard Magazines

1. Collect Your Top Picks

The easiest way to curate on Flipboard is to collect articles that are relevant to your company, and enjoyable for your potential audience. Place these under your default “Top Picks” category or publish them under a magazine title that incorporates your keywords or your brand. But while this random collection of articles is definitely the easiest method, it might not be the most effective strategy for your content marketing, unless your brand is already well-defined (think IBM or Martha Stewart).

2. Create Thematic Magazines for Your Audiences

A better process is to select a couple of themes that resonate with your target audience and start collecting articles to match your categorized Flipboards.

For example: we put together magazines for four major topics we talk about on the Wrike blog. And then we flip not just our own posts, but also articles that might interest people following those topics:

  • Social Project Management talks about managing projects in a social world, and links to project management methodologies and topics that may interest project managers at all levels.
  • Productivity Works! collects articles on getting things done, as well as apps, tools, and methods that will increase your efficiency.
  • Startup Spark Up collates entrepreneurial advice, funding tips, plus articles on startup culture, growth hacking, and emerging businesses.
  • Marketing Speak is a magazine that showcases articles on content marketing, advertising, social media, and all things digital marketing.

Screenshot of one of my Flipboard magazines, Productivity Works

3. Promote Your Flipboard Magazines

Once your magazines are set up and have sufficient content, don’t forget to share them with your networks. Invite friends and fans to follow your magazine, and make sure you tell them what each magazine is about. Promote your new boards on your social media accounts. Flipboard makes sharing your magazine as easy as one click.

Tip: Use Buffer to pre-schedule a repeating social media message inviting fans to follow your magazines.

More Flipboard Tips

Use the Flipboard Extension or Bookmarklet on Your Desktop

So what happens when you’re on your desktop and come across a great article that you want to flip? The answer is their easy-to-use Chrome extension. Once installed, simply click the button when you want to flip something to one of your magazines.

Or if you don’t use Google Chrome, get the bookmarklet and drag it to your bookmark bar. It works just like the Chrome extension, but can be used on any browser.

Invite Your Teammates

You don’t have to curate alone. Get your colleagues to join the action by inviting them to contribute to one or all of your magazines. On the front page of a magazine, simply click “Invite Contributors” to send an invitation via email.

Other Uses for Flipboard

You can use Flipboard for publicity, PR, and client portfolios. You can even use Flipboard as a catalog for your products  you want to highlight. If you have a large number of magazines, you can organize them alphabetically in a directory. Or if you’re chronicling a historical event, you can create individual magazines to cover specific time periods and then have them appear in chronological order.

For more tips on publishing to Flipboard magazines, follow their Magmaker Blog.

Also, you can read my earlier post for more advice: How to Use Flipboard to to Stay on Top of Your Competition and Your Industry.

A screenshot of my company, Wrike's Flipboard profile.

How Do You Use Flipboard?

There are probably a hundred more ways to use Flipboard to promote your content and brand. If you have a unique way you’re using Flipboard, I’d love to learn from you. Please share your wisdom in the comments!


Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.


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