20 Best Flipboard Magazines to Follow

I’ve been talking and writing a lot about Flipboard recently, both online and in my workplace to anyone who’ll listen. It’s really a simple app for consuming a news stream that’s been personalized to your tastes.

But apart from searching for your favorite topics and people, what else is out there in Flipboard land that is worth following? Allow me to recommend my favorites.

Flipboard Mags I Curate

I would be remiss in my duties as a content marketer if I failed to mention the magazines I curate myself. So here they are. Suffice to say: a lot of love and care go into curating these babies. Follow them right now, no questions asked! 

1. Productivity Works! is all about getting stuff done: tools, strategies, guru advice, best practices. If you struggle to get to Inbox Zero, or you wish you could mark all your Next Actions complete, follow this mag.

2. Marketing Speak collects articles about all things digital marketing: from social media and content marketing to video and advertising.

3. Social Project Management collects articles about managing projects in this age of social tools. Expect links to Agile, scrum, leadership skills, project coordination, collaboration software, and efficient teamwork.

4. Startup Spark Up collects tips and strategies for new businesses: from founder advice to entrepreneurial best practices, to hot industries, to pitch deck templates, to must-have tools and software.

5. The Work Management Roundup gets pushed out every Friday with links to the week’s best reads on productivity, efficiency, and strategies to work smarter not harder.

6. Work Humor brings together the funny and the work-related, because sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

7. Contentatious is just a collection of links to content marketing resources — anything to do with the power of words and media to persuade people to take action.

8. #DailyWTF puts together the bizarre, the thought provoking, the insane, the strange, and the weird.

The Daily WTF Flipboard Magazine

Other Cool Flipboard Mags

9. Esquire’s What I’ve Learned compiles the hard-fought life lessons learned by real-life celebrities.

10. Pixel Art compiles the best in retro, 8-bit pixel-based art. Did you like eBoy? Then you’ll love this mag.

11. Magmaker Blog is a magazine curated by Flipboard staff, which introduces you to creative magazines and their creative curators who use Flipboard in interesting and unique ways. If you’re actively using Flipboard as a content curation tool like I do, then this mag’s for you.

12. The Art of Manliness shows how to be a gentleman, a dashing dude, or a rugged MacGyver-like handyman. It collects essential how-tos, essays on manliness, tips on dating, manly home care tips, and every so often, an article or two on facial hair.

The Media Giants on Flipboard

13. NPR as the national syndicator to a network of 900 public radio stations in the U.S., it justifiably covers a wide swath of topics. They have subsections for health, science, politics, sports, business, music, books, photography, and more.

14. The New York Times has everything. In a nutshell.

15. Vice is known for its long, investigative articles and its often provocative photo galleries. But in Flipboard, you can read the pieces without battling with the Vice website

16. Mashable collects the best of the tech/entertainment/lifestyle website, without the website’s clutter. Result? A magazine you will likely read every day.

17. Inc. Magazine for all things business.

18. Entertainment Weekly for the latest books, films, music, and celebrity buzz.

19. The CEO Daily for business news, leadership insights, and stuff that CEOs love to email each other about.

20. Travel Photo Picks is by National Geographic. Gorgeous, exotic, dangerous, and truly awesome photography.

What are your favorite Flipboard mags? Share them in the comments!

The meat of this article was originally published on Quora.


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