So You Want a Job in Content Marketing?

I met with two young interns in July who wanted to find out more about content marketing and what it means to be a writer in a corporate setting. I shared what I knew, answering their questions and giving them a tiny view into my daily process and interactions with my content team. And then I went home and realized their questions would make a pretty good blog post. I decided to jot down what I could recall from the interview in the hopes that it may help encourage others looking to enter the field.

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20 Best Flipboard Magazines to Follow

I’ve been talking and writing a lot about Flipboard recently, both online and in my workplace to anyone who’ll listen. It’s really a simple app for consuming a news stream that’s been personalized to your tastes.

But apart from searching for your favorite topics and people, what else is out there in Flipboard land that is worth following? Allow me to recommend my favorites.
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The 10 Essential Content Marketing Tools I Use Daily

Animated GIF of fingers typing on a keyboard

This article was originally posted on Medium: 10 Essential Tools for a Content Marketer.

Update 2/5/2016: Over time, tools change. I revised 3 tools. Took out Haikudeck,  revised my start tab extension in Chrome, and revised my tab focus extension. All the rest stay the same.

As a content marketer, I’m on the computer all day doing one of three things: researching for an article, actually writing the article, or promoting past published articles. To accomplish these things, I have a set of tools I rely on.

So in response to Tobias van Schneider‘s “My Top 11 Essential Tools I Could Not Live Without,” here’s the list of the Mac and web apps I absolutely need in order to get my content marketing work done.

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Using Flipboard as a Content Curation Tool

Flipboard on a mobile phone

Let me start by saying I love Flipboard. There’s much to enjoy about it.

It’s a mobile app and web-based news curation platform that allows you to consume large streams of information really quickly. Even more, it gives you the ability to create your own magazines, if you so wish.

Content that you “flip” from across the web is automatically collated and displayed in magazine format that can be read in any browser or via mobile. And true to its name, part of the fun is flipping through the pages like a physical magazine. But before you jump onboard the curation train, you’ll need to strategize and consider several different ways you can organize content with Flipboard.

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Content Strategy Makes “Boring” Industries Come Alive

Content strategy is a hurdle that a lot of organizations struggle with. I’ve met with quite a few business owners who ask me: “But how much web content can we realistically create around our business? Our industry is pretty boring.” To which I answer:

“Look, your product solves a real problem. It may not be glamorous, but it sure isn’t boring to the people struggling with that pain.”

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