7 Safer Note-taking Tools to Bring Your Family’s Notes Online

safer note-taking tools online

How do you store your family’s notes online securely?

The answer, it turns out, lies in open source, multi-platform, and decentralized online notebooks.

But before I explain, let me back up a minute.

I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with my wife about storing our accounts and passwords online in a notes app. We both need to access our account info while on the go. And we need an easy-to-use, hopefully free online notepad that we can view and update while picking up the kids or waiting in line at the bank.

Our conversation sounds something like:

“Where can we place all this private data so we can access it easily?”
“On our phones, maybe?”
“But then if a password changes, we’d have to remember to remind each other of the change. And isn’t it unsafe if the phones get lost or stolen?”
“Then maybe save it in an online notebook like Evernote or Google Docs?”
“Umm. You *do* know those companies can access your data anytime they want, right?”
“Yeah, but would they?”
“They most definitely would. And besides, even if they don’t, why take the chance?”
“So what do we use that’s private, that can sync on our computers and phones, and won’t be seen by snooping companies?”

There wasn’t a good answer for some time. And I got tired of searching for sticky notes that had fallen to the floor or physical notebooks that we’d left in the wrong car.

So I did some research and found some real alternatives.

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Sound Advice: Listen While You Work

Getting things done with your headphones on isn’t as simple as pressing play. Here are some tips backed by research studies on what sounds are best for focus and productivity.

“What is the best music to listen to while working?”

It’s one of those questions I get asked often, whether in the office or online. And since I enjoy producing audio and music in my spare time, and am constantly researching productivity topics in my role as a blogger for Wrike, I figured I should write this stuff down.

Obviously, the answer will depend on your audio preference. I can’t force you to listen to downtempo electronica if you like film soundtracks, or if you prefer the ambient sounds of a restaurant. I can however provide you with some guidelines surrounding audio and work, backed by science.

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5 Reasons Why a Job Search is Like a Product Launch

Y U No Hire Me? - illustration

I’m back searching for a fulltime job after an ever-too brief consulting stint at an online startup. It occurs to me that the process of the job search can be laid out in the same way as you might prepare for a product launch — except with no concrete end date immediately in sight. The action items are quite similar. See below:
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