New Work Rules: What You Need to Know to Welcome the Future

In just a little over a decade, the corporate office has transformed from being the de facto location where work is done into just one of several venues where one can choose to work. Anyone starting a new job today faces a very different set of work “rules” from someone who started work five or ten years ago. Change is swift. And technology has truly disrupted how we work.

At the risk of massive generalization, I’ve condensed the various ways work has changed and in the process stumbled upon 10 succinct work rules which should aid anyone trying to navigate the modern workplace. Welcome to the 21st century!

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So You Want a Job in Content Marketing?

I met with two young interns in July who wanted to find out more about content marketing and what it means to be a writer in a corporate setting. I shared what I knew, answering their questions and giving them a tiny view into my daily process and interactions with my content team. And then I went home and realized their questions would make a pretty good blog post. I decided to jot down what I could recall from the interview in the hopes that it may help encourage others looking to enter the field.

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Sound Advice: Listen While You Work

Getting things done with your headphones on isn’t as simple as pressing play. Here are some tips backed by research studies on what sounds are best for focus and productivity.

“What is the best music to listen to while working?”

It’s one of those questions I get asked often, whether in the office or online. And since I enjoy producing audio and music in my spare time, and am constantly researching productivity topics in my role as a blogger for Wrike, I figured I should write this stuff down.

Obviously, the answer will depend on your audio preference. I can’t force you to listen to downtempo electronica if you like film soundtracks, or if you prefer the ambient sounds of a restaurant. I can however provide you with some guidelines surrounding audio and work, backed by science.

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20 Best Flipboard Magazines to Follow

I’ve been talking and writing a lot about Flipboard recently, both online and in my workplace to anyone who’ll listen. It’s really a simple app for consuming a news stream that’s been personalized to your tastes.

But apart from searching for your favorite topics and people, what else is out there in Flipboard land that is worth following? Allow me to recommend my favorites.
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The 10 Essential Content Marketing Tools I Use Daily

Animated GIF of fingers typing on a keyboard

This article was originally posted on Medium: 10 Essential Tools for a Content Marketer.

Update 2/5/2016: Over time, tools change. I revised 3 tools. Took out Haikudeck,  revised my start tab extension in Chrome, and revised my tab focus extension. All the rest stay the same.

As a content marketer, I’m on the computer all day doing one of three things: researching for an article, actually writing the article, or promoting past published articles. To accomplish these things, I have a set of tools I rely on.

So in response to Tobias van Schneider‘s “My Top 11 Essential Tools I Could Not Live Without,” here’s the list of the Mac and web apps I absolutely need in order to get my content marketing work done.

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