Presentation: Collaboration as Heart of Project Management

This was a presentation and workshop delivered by Wrike’s CEO to the Geneva Health Forum in Switzerland, August 2014. It tied together two almost disparate industries: project management software and healthcare, and brought it all under the umbrella of collaboration.

Scope of project:

  • Did research on healthcare stats and project software being used to collaborate
  • Wrote script, workshop questions, and presentation flow
  • Sourced images for the slides
  • Coordinated with design team to deliver presentation on time

Presentation: Get Into the Habit

This was a Slideshare teaser meant to push traffic toward the landing page for an ebook. The content was pulled from the larger ebook it was promoting which I also wrote).

Scope of project:

  • Wrote and edited presentation from original ebook
  • Sourced imagery from creative commons sources
  • Edited images and assembled powerpoint

Presentation: From the Desk of a CEO

This was a PowerPoint deck with a script outline, intended for a webinar featuring two C-level executives of customer companies, and hosted by our very own CEO.

Scope of Project:

  • Drafted outline of presentation
  • Interviewed two client business owners for the case study section in the webinar
  • Created final deck and coordinated approval and review from clients and our CEO
  • Sent deck to design team
  • Reviewed and approved final deck