The 10 Essential Content Marketing Tools I Use Daily

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This article was originally posted on Medium: 10 Essential Tools for a Content Marketer.

Update 2/5/2016: Over time, tools change. I revised 3 tools. Took out Haikudeck,  revised my start tab extension in Chrome, and revised my tab focus extension. All the rest stay the same.

As a content marketer, I’m on the computer all day doing one of three things: researching for an article, actually writing the article, or promoting past published articles. To accomplish these things, I have a set of tools I rely on.

So in response to Tobias van Schneider‘s “My Top 11 Essential Tools I Could Not Live Without,” here’s the list of the Mac and web apps I absolutely need in order to get my content marketing work done.

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The Death of RSS Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

With Google shutting down Google Reader by July 1st, 2013, rumors of the impending death of RSS have sprung up… yet again. This is silly. RSS is not dying. If anything, it’s probably headed for an extreme makeover that will vastly improve its adoption by casual users. In this I agree with Dave Winer, noted software developer, who wrote:

“I don’t doubt that people will be well-served by a newly revitalized market for RSS products, now that the dominant product, the 800-pound gorilla, is withdrawing.”

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What Do I Blog About?

AKA: 3 Ways to Discover Blog Topics

How do I find what to blog about? That question hits every blogger with the same intensity after the company blog has been launched, the initial excitement has faded and you’re suddenly faced with the daunting task of feeding the blog beast with fresh content on a recurring basis. Honestly, there won’t always be a press release to announce or a product to launch.

The solution? Take on three roles: become a detective, a news junkie, and a spy.
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4 Free Ways to Ask What Your Readers Want

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Content which draws in prospects and turns them into leads is content which is user-centric. As all the social media experts and web 2.0 gurus remind us, it’s no longer about our company or our brand — it’s all about the end-user, our consumers, our target market. Which raises the question: how do you know what your end-users want? The simplest answer is: ask them. Here are four ways to gather feedback about what your readers want to see more of.
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