So You Want a Job in Content Marketing?

I met with two young interns in July who wanted to find out more about content marketing and what it means to be a writer in a corporate setting. I shared what I knew, answering their questions and giving them a tiny view into my daily process and interactions with my content team. And then I went home and realized their questions would make a pretty good blog post. I decided to jot down what I could recall from the interview in the hopes that it may help encourage others looking to enter the field.

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5 Reasons Why a Job Search is Like a Product Launch

Y U No Hire Me? - illustration

I’m back searching for a fulltime job after an ever-too brief consulting stint at an online startup. It occurs to me that the process of the job search can be laid out in the same way as you might prepare for a product launch — except with no concrete end date immediately in sight. The action items are quite similar. See below:
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