Create a Social Media Page Instead of a Widget

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You see it all the time: widgets on blog sidebars asking you to connect. They litter the limited real estate with multiple boxes that constantly update, often slowing down the load time of the blog. Which is why you might just want to embed a feed for all your social media accounts onto a single page of your blog instead. Here’s how:
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Monitor Your Brand on Social Media …or Else

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Whether you like it or not, content that is shared via social media has an effect on the company’s brand and image. As content creators and strategists, we should be able to stay on top of what comes out on our social media channels so that the brand is never endangered and the overall impression that consumers have of the brand is positive.
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Automation is the Enemy of Social Media

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Automation and social media rarely make good bedfellows. Try automating a “thank you for following me” message on Twitter. And then try automating another response but which contains a link to a free download. For a third experiment, try setting up an RSS feed to inject itself directly into a Twitter feed and then leaving it alone forever. In the first case no one will really care to respond one way or another. They know when it’s canned, my friend. In the second, you’ll get a quick number of unfollows. They don’t want to be sold to, my friend. In the third, you’ll never get any followers. They want to interact with humans, my friend.
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