Why Every Business Needs a Blog

Blogging is no longer simply an avenue for prepubescent teens to expose angst about school and relationships (that’s more social media than blogging anyway)– these days blogs are the lifeblood of any web property. They inject fresh, relevant content to your website, helping your brand be more visible in search engines to your prospective customers.

Blogging isn’t merely for interesting stories about what you had for lunch. It’s about establishing credibility, thought leadership, and search engine ranking.

Here are 5 important reasons why you need to build and maintain a blog for your business:

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How to Keep Your Blog from Crashing and Burning

crashed airplane

We’ve all gone through it: that sinking feeling just before the blog you once loved with a passion loses altitude and crashes headfirst into the ground, devoid of all momentum, inspiration, and velocity. It’s that moment when you realize you don’t have the energy, the ideas or even the motivation to continue the blog. Which only means it’s about to sputter and crash to its inevitable death. But there are two ways to keep this from happening.
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But Aren’t Blogs Nothing but Online Diaries?


Every now and then a client who is new to the idea of blogging will ask me: “But isn’t a blog nothing more than a diary that’s online?” And I realize that while the content marketing world may be growing by leaps and bounds, there are still small business owners who feel it strange to use blogs — a tool once equated with personal journals — to help promote their brand and their business. Here are a few thoughts that should lay it to rest.
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The 5 C’s of Defining Your Blog’s Niche

Third Niche by Mathias Klang

In Monday’s blog post, I talked about one simple way to build your blog: to define your niche, whether you’re a personal blogger or a small business trying to market its services to the world.

Well, Problogger has three gorgeously simple approaches to defining your niche, and I reword them here so they all start with the letter “C” and at the end I’ve added two more tips of my own:
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5 Steps to Creating a Well-Written Blog

The idea of beginning and then maintaining a well-written blog is daunting. Perhaps because you feel like there’s nothing to write about. Or you feel your small business doesn’t really need a blog. (Sorry to burst your bubble, it does.)

But the huge roadblock that faces many a newbie blogger is the massive investment in learning the blogging software, learning the ins and outs of promoting the blog, and then building a content engine so that your posts come like clockwork, and you have a system in place that can sustain the publishing schedule.
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